CX Slovenia Community Rules

I. General

The CX Slovenia Community (hereafter: the Community) is a closed group within the Slack platform where users can discuss, write down their questions and share their opinions that are broadly related to customer experience management.

The Community is not public and the contents are not publicly available. Regardless of the number of Community members, the postings are considered to be private communication between members. The members must abide by the community rules.

Membership in the community means that members agree to, accept and undertake to abide by the rules. Community members can be natural or legal persons.

The community founder and administrator is FrodX, d.o.o. The community has administrators and moderators where necessary. Their job is to keep the community running and to moderate when necessary. The authors are fully responsible for their contributions to the community.

II. Posts

The right to publish and express yourself in the community is limited. Posts are allowed only if they are in full compliance with these rules, are of interest to a sufficiently wide range of members and are not disruptive. The administrators and moderators of the community decide whether a post is permissible in the community.

Subject to the general restrictions imposed by law, the Community does not permit the posting of false, falsified, inaccurate, malicious, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, libellous or abusive content, or content which is intended solely to cause offence to anyone. All postings must adhere to a high cultural, professional and constructive standard.

All the community posts are considered to be the work of their authors, unless the context makes it clear that someone else is the author of the entry (in part or in whole). No acts infringing or facilitating the infringement of the copyright of third parties are permitted in the Community.

III. Offers and inquiries

Advertising (including covertly) is not allowed in the Community. Exceptionally, information that is objectively useful to the members may be published upon prior agreement with the Community administrators. Offering your own or others’ services is not permitted.

The Community Administrators may interfere with the content of the posting and the rights of the Community members if the rules are violated. They may restrict further comments in posts, delete individual comments or delete the post entirely. They can restrict a community member’s right to post and comment or expel them from the Community.

IV. Rights and responsibilities

Members’ responses may not necessarily contain the best and correct answers, good suggestions, the right information and useful and helpful advice. Each member may use the content from the community solely at their own risk and responsibility; if the posting does not violate the community rules, no liability can be claimed from the authors of the post.

These rules apply as of 28 December 2020.

V. Amendment 1 January 2022

As of 1 January 2022, the Slack community will be discontinued and all content (webinar recordings, presentations etc.) will be collected and shared on a closed portal: The members of the community will have access to the portal using their own username and password.

* Terms written in the masculine grammatical form are used as gender-neutral.